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Working Safely at HeightsConfederation of Aerial Industries Feedback Magazine Summer 2003

Dave CooperDave Cooper

1a Aerials, The Wirral



A recent survey conducted by the Health & Safety executive concluded that over a twelve-month period, approximately 49% of injuries and fatalities in the workplace were fall related.

From 214 accidents investigated:

  • Falls from Roof: 76
  • Falls from Ladder: 43
  • Falls from Scaffold: 44
  • Ground level falls: 17
  • Height Steel work: 9
  • Other: 25

From this it is obvious that our industry works within the high CSS Worksafe Modern Classroom Facilitypercentage of these risks. Over the last twelve months the CAI has been hard at work finding ways to reduce the number of fall related accidents within our particular industry.

Following the publication of the new ‘Green Book’ supplementing the CAI Health & Safety book, we now have in place, a training course which arms installers with the knowledge of how to use the safety equipment detailed.

Working Safely at Heights’ is specifically tailored to our industry and is run at the West Midlands Training Centre in Birmingham by CSS Worksafe. It tackles procedures from the most basic of tasks, such as how to safely erect and secure a ladder, to moving around from ladder to ladder and on roofs safely.Ladder Safety Training Course - Practical Exercise

The most obvious concerns about the recommendations in the green book and the implementation of these procedures for installers, have been ‘How long will doing all this take? ‘Moreover, can I afford to spend this time?’ so I went along to find out more about the course.

Our teacher for the day was George May from CSS who has many years experience in safe working at heights.

  • The course first touches on the official legislation for Health & Safety. Importantly, you should be aware that as an employer it is your responsibility to yourself and employees that relevant safety training and equipment be supplied and used. Ladder Safety Training Course - Practical Exercise
  • Following the legislation section, there is a brief talk on simple safety equipment. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Then safe use of ladders and how fall arrest equipment for the antenna installer should best be used.
  • A demonstration follows on PPE inspection and use, with a demonstration of how such fall arrest equipment works and how it should be maintained.
  • The practical demonstration takes place on site on a single storey building with a pitched roof.

Ladder Safety Training Course - Practical ExerciseWhile we have the weather it was quite pleasant to be out in the fresh air, but as autumn is upon us, CSS are commissioning the construction of an ‘indoor’ training building at the site.First impressions show that CSS have looked in much detail at an industry to which they were not familiar and worked hard to develop a safe working procedure for installers. Initially some of the equipment looked a little complicated and the implementation of the equipment and it’s use looked a little time consuming, it is fair to say that most of this was time was taken up by George being thorough in his instruction. As the course moved on to the practical demonstration, it soon became clear that with practice, even one installer working by himself could implement these procedures with little more than five or ten minutes added to a service call depending on the size and shape of the building.

Ladder Safety Training Course - Practical ExerciseAt the end of the course students felt they had taken away valuable knowledge, which will help keep themselves and employees working safely at heights.

We have all had customers to scared to watch what we are doing for fear of watching an accident. With these procedures in place, the CAI membership now have another string to our professional bow and can assure consumers that we can do this job safer than non members.

CSS do offer CAI rates for PPE from their catalogue. Alternatively, you can purchase the necessary equipment from reputable suppliers nationally.

Ladder Safety Training Course - Practical ExerciseOur Inspector Kevin Dawson sat the first course along with CAI Director Karl Gasson of Astra. So those of you due inspection that are interested in finding out more can ask Kevin directly or alternatively contact the CAI office for training dates and rates.

Reproduced with kind permission from the Confederation of Aerial Industries.

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