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Ladder Safety Systems & Devices For Portable Leaning Ladders

  • Ladder Safety System for Aerial & Satellite Installation
  • Ladder Safety System for Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Ladder Safety System for Building & Property Maintenance
  • Ladder Safety System for Telegraph Poles & Lighting Columns
  • Ladder Safety System for Specialist Applications
  • Legal Requirements for the Use of Fall Arrest Systems with Portable Leaning Ladders
  • Performance Testing of Ladder Safety Systems

Working at height is generally considered to be a risky occupation. The HSE (HSE 2003) report that in year 2001/02, 74 fatal accidents were caused as a result of falling from height with 5286 workers being seriously injured.

Safety measures are often perceived as a barrier to completing a job quickly with any job inevitably involving a trade-off between safety and expediency.

CSS Worksafe are one of the leading companies in the UK supplying specialist Height Safety Equipment, Training and Consultancy. Over the past eight years we have worked closely with the Health & Safety Executive and the Confederation of Aerial Industries to provide a safe system of work at height for aerial and satellite dish installers that maintains the balance between speed and safety. We also offer:

This safe system of work has been accepted by the HSE as the 'Minimum Legally Compliant Standard for the use of fall arrest systems with portable leaning ladders during the installation of satellite dishes and aerials on domestic premises', and can be adopted by a wide range of tradesmen who work from ladders.

>>What the Confederation of Aerial Industries say

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Engineer climbing secured ladder whilst attached via rope, rope grab & harness

The Use of Ladders without Fall Protection Devices

An engineer can use a ladder for gaining access to his workplace and to work from if the following conditions are true: The ladder can be securely fixed against slipping outwards or sideways; The work is of short duration, and the engineer can carry his tools, equipment and material and complete the task whilst maintaining three points of contact (e.g. two feet and one hand) with the ladder at all stages of the operation.

If the above criteria cannot be met, in particular if three points of contact cannot be achieved at all stages of the process, then a fall protection system is required.

In practice, this means that you must assess all work undertaken at height and decide on the appropriate precautions to be taken. The precautions will depend on issues such as the complexity of the work, weather conditions etc.. However, in all cases the selection of precautions to reduce the risk of falling must use the following hierarchy:

  • Eliminate the need to work at height
  • Fall prevention by the use of access scaffolding, working platforms, mobile elevating work platforms, travel restriction, or fall restraint etc.
  • Fall Arrest

Ladders may be used as a means of access and as a place of work, but only if it is reasonable to do so having regard to the nature of the work and its duration.

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CSS Worksafe have developed a range of ladder safety solutions that are simple to use and quick to impliment. Click on the headings below to learn more>>>


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Premier League Safety -
fall protection sytems used at Chelsea Football Club
Fall Protection Systems on Track at Eurotunnel -
Safety - Fall arrest systems for euro tunnel

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Uniline safety systems
Download Height Safety Best Practice Leaflet.pdf (191Kb)
Ladder Safety Systems from CSS Worksafe. HSE 'Best Practice'