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HORIZONTAL LIFELINE SYSTEMSRoof Maintenance Work being carried out. Operative attached via UNILINE System

When you select a safety system for your new building or refurbishment project, you need to feel certain that you are providing a totally safe solution to future access requirements, especially as current regulations make roof top safety a necessity on most buildings.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems are the first choice fall arrest solution when continuous protection and mobility is required. The lifeline systems offered by CSS Worksafe provide users with unrivaled levels of safety and ease of use. Once attached to the system the operative is free to traverse the working area without the need to detach at support points.

Computer design of all systems ensure accurate load assessment and fall prediction. CSS Worksafe lifelines are manufactured using the highest quality materials. Extensive use is made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, ensuring long term user safety. Products are rigorously tested to conform with and exceed International Fall Protection Standards such as European Standard EN795, OSHA Standard 1926.502 and Australian Standard 1891.2.

The most innovative horizontal lifeline system available.
UNILINE System at Eurotunnel
Uniline offer two types of Fall Protection System, helping you to meet construction industry and Health & Safety standards. Both are permanent and both offer the same fundamental solution. Access at height via a simple to use, hands free, continuous cable based horizontal lifeline system. Workers can move around any area of a building, whether on rooftops or ledges, walkways or ceiling voids, with total freedom and in complete safety.

And it doesn't stop there. Uniline's Fall Protection Systems can be used on a wide variety of other projects including bridges, dams, sewers, vehicle access, theme parks and garden maintenance.


UnilineUNILINE System on Standing Seam Roof Sheet

Uniline's award winning synthetic cable system offers many unique benefits over and above that of wire based fall protection systems, including:

  • Greater spans between anchors for quicker, less obtrusive installations
  • Fewer anchors protect the integrity of the building or structure
  • Soft Drop benefits for the user in the event of a fall
  • Low dynamic arrest loads protect buildings and structures
  • Coloured cable options for increased safety awareness or improved aesthetics
  • Non-abrasive cable, protecting expensive roof or facia finishes
  • Built in wear indicator
  • Option for use as a temporary solution
  • Ease of repair following a fall
  • >Force Management Lifeline Support Posts

Uni8UNI8 System on Single Ply Membrane Roof

Uniline's high quality stainless steel cable based system offers customers a second option where factors such as system layouts adversely affect costs, or where stainless steel is simply your preferred choice.

  • Aesthetically pleasing 316 stainless steel components
  • Energy absorbing intermediate brackets
  • In line energy absorbers protect buildings & structures
  • Spans up to 12mtrs between support anchors
  • Electro-polished components give long term corrosion resistance
  • >Force Management Lifeline Support Posts


No matter which product you choose, the same high standard of production, design and installation will be provided.

In addition both systems have the following similarities:

  • All system designs are bespoke and consider individual customer requirements
  • A range of structural anchors to suit different structures and building fabrics are available
  • Bespoke anchors for special projects can be accommodated
  • All systems offer discreet and unobtrusive solutions
  • All systems can navigate corners and obstacles
  • All systems utilise the Unigrab™ attachment device for continuous hands free movement around the system, which can be attached at any point along the system
  • All systems are designed using the Uniline for Windows™ simulation software, which accurately predicts the performance of your fall protection system including selected Personal Protective Equipment such as harnesses and lanyards
  • All Uniline systems ensure that safety can be a cost effective addition to a building or structure

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Premier League Safety -
fall protection sytems used at Chelsea Football Club
Fall Protection Systems on Track at Eurotunnel -
Safety - Fall arrest systems for euro tunnel

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