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Freestanding Guardrail / Handrail Systems


CSS Worksafe's Freestanding Guardrail System's unique design provides permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix the system through the roofing membrane or building's structure. This simple cantilever principle provides unrivalled strength, stability and safety and overcomes the problems associated with traditional systems such as having to drill and puncture the roof membrane which can lead to potential penetrative water damage and noise disturbance during installation. Similarly, high levels of insulation included within warm deck and inverted flat roof designs often mean it is virtually impossible to fix through, as with traditional systems, without causing cold bridging. This may then cause interstitial condensation to form within the flat roof construction, causing the roof to deteriorate and eventually require replacement. The system consists of galvanised tubing joined together using the "Safe-clamp" method of connection. The vertical leg has been specifically designed so that the base foot can be raised or lowered allowing the system to be levelled during installation. In addition to this, the sliding base foot allows future re-roofing works to be completed without the need to dismantle the system. The base foot is connected to the low profile counter weight, giving the system its strength & stability.

MEMBRANE PROTECTIONFreestanding Guard Rail

The system is installed with fluted rubber matting bonded to the underside of all components in contact with the roof membrane. This protects the roof membrane from damage via heat transfer or direct contact with components. On warm deck roof construction specifications pedestrian tiles are recommended to be placed where base feet and counter weights are in contact with the roof membrane. The fluted rubber also has the additional benefit of adding to the frictional resistance of the system to prevent any movement.


All components are supplied with a galvanised finish carried out to BS EN ISO 1461: 1999 Hot Dip Galvanised Coatings Specification and Testing Methods, giving an average coating of between 65-85 microns. All locking screws are stainless steel and are greased before fixing to ensure a maintenance free system.


The system has been specially designed to fit all shapes and sizes of flat roofs, even circular designs. The system can also cope with changes in levels, roof falls and difficult details such as ductwork passing over the roof edge and cable trays/plant mounted at the roof edge. The flexibility of the counter weight & clamp design allows the system to be used on plant congested or complex detailed roofs.


System has been externally tested to HSE/SIR 15 1988 "Design loadings for temporary roof & floor edge protection" and awarded Freestanding Guardrail SystemBritish Board of Agréement Approval. This independent certification is your guarantee that the system is designed, manufactured & installed to its full specification and tested correctly. Testing was carried out by The British Standards Institute and the National Engineering Laboratory to the Health & Safety Executive Document SIR/15 :1988 and MOAT No 43 1987. System 2000 is wind calculated to BS 6399 : Part 2 1997 Code of Practice for Wind Load. To ensure the system was tested in the most unfavourable conditions we included the Building Regulations interpretation of a flat roof design being up to 10 degree pitch and added a 25% safety factor to the more onerous wind calculations.


BS 6399 : Part 2 1997 Code of Practice for Wind Load. Wind loading is the most likely regular and demanding force a free standing roof guardrail will encounter during its lifetime.

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